The Atairos London Collection celebrates the opening of the Atairos UK headquarters in 2018. Branch Arts Co-Founders Susie Lawson and Flora Fairbairn were delighted to be engaged to build the art collection for their new offices in St. James’s. There was a synchronicity from the outset as both the names Atairos and Branch Arts imply ‘partnership’. The combined focus on the importance of relationships was a huge attraction, with a mutual aim for the collection to be shared and enjoyed. These selected artworks have a timeless quality and reflect a good cross section of the UK art world.

With such a rich plethora of impressive and highly regarded galleries being located within the immediate vicinity of the Atairos offices, Branch Arts compiled a gallery tour of the area, to include some of the most exciting artists and galleries in the UK.

With the added benefit of Branch Arts’ longstanding connections within the art world, they were able to take their Atairos clients to visit the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition before it had opened and before anyone else had seen it. In doing so, they were able to help their client to have first-pick of the exhibited 1,352 artworks for sale on the RA walls.

The artworks forming the collection consist of some of the most well respected UK-based artists. The group includes works by artists at the forefront of their field such as Julian Opie, best known for his distinctive depictions of figures, portraits and landscapes; Maggi Hambling, known for her expressive coastal inspired paintings; Joe Tilson RA, one of the leading figures associated with the British Pop Art Movement; Nigel Hall RA, one of the most highly regarded sculptors in the UK;  David Nash RA, a sculptor and land artist known for working with live trees, and Victor Pasmore, a pioneer of the UK’s abstract art movement in the 1940s. 

The diverse nature of the artworks in the collection unifies artists who are known for being masters of their medium, and the aim of the collection, aside from aesthetically and creatively to enhance the company’s offices, was to reflect the rich diversity of the UK art scene that would accumulatively increase in value over time.

Branch Arts were delighted to work with Atairos on the construction of their London art collection which we hope will give enjoyment for years to come. While art can cement status within a sophisticated marketplace we feel it has a more important role in inspiring invaluable conversations.

Susie Lawson & Flora Fairbairn

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