Susie Lawson attends the CLORE LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME, SPRING 2018

'Brilliantly Curated Programme, Cohort and Development!'


The Clore Leadership was a life enhancing experience. I am privileged to have taken part. The experience builds through a brilliantly curated programme of day long workshops; combines people from all walks of life; and maps out a journey of self-learning that is both brutal and life assuring.

Curated Programme

When the programme comes to an end, you realise how carefully it has been designed. Early on, the group are introduced to partnered ‘walk & talks’ to mull over single questions. This nurtured a group dynamic and a safe environment. Later we were ready for the more challenging days which questioned authenticity and strengths. Each day, small ‘bricks’ of insight are mortared together to reveal who we are and how we tick.

Our first workshop with Steve O’Smotherly was core to the understanding of the group dynamic. His ‘Four Season’s’ class enlightened us on our personal management methods. Sudden and shocking realisations about the impact of your actions and behavior on others in your team is edifying.

Without giving away too much for those tempted to apply for the course, highlight workshops included a whole day dedicated to coaching techniques; good governance; how to conduct difficult conversations and authentic leadership. The icing on the cake was a day of ‘Leadersmithing’ with Eve Poole.

Throughout the two week residential course and after day long practical workshops, we had inspirational talks by speakers such as Sandy Nairne CBE FSA, Chair of the Clore Leadership course and Hilary Carty, Director of the programme.

Curated Group Dynamics

To walk into a room of 23 strangers and not have a ‘link’ to any was a refreshing change. Dancers; theatre producers; writers; marketing gurus, curators and Directors made up the dynamic and diverse group. Each and every one brought a different energy and brilliance. Clore 53 was an open, dynamic and impressive group who have become friends for life. 

Our cohort mapped an exploration of diversity and inclusion throughout the two weeks. The safe and intimate environment allowed for some insightful and clear discussions and certainly opened a positive, if at times challenging, platform which we need to continue. I know that we will. Indeed, a fellow participant has since gone on to set up an equality, diversity and inclusion consultancy.

Personal Development

Having had my first application turned down, the timing for my Clore episode was perfect for my personal development. Several of us had applied previously - it appears as if Clore has a secret insight to when a candidate is truly ready. 

Building on 17 years’ experience in the visual art world, the course has given me confidence in my abilities as a leader and a belief that my career path to date, peaks and troughs, has been key ingredients to the bigger picture. I’m ready for the next challenge and do, truly believe in the brilliance of creativity and visual arts to enhance imagination, well-being and community!

Thank you Clore 53!


Susie Lawson